Control excess abdominal fat for healthy life

  1. Now-a-days, abdominal fat of working man & women is a concern. Stressful life & sedentary lifestyle increasing abdominal fat in most of working man & women. Abdominal fat could be responsible for metabolic syndrome & heart diseases. Which is harmful to the body.Abdominal fat, on the other hand, is hazardous to your health. Numerous studies show a link between a large waist and a higher risk of death. Any kind of meat,egg & milk consumption is responsible for abdominal fat. Poultry consumption could cause waist circumference. Meat could decrease levels of adiponectin,a hormone which may help cellulite. Processed sugary & fatty food could increase abdominal fat. These two food are high calorie & may have additive properties. Even artificial sweetener may increase weight. Boys who eat more meat in childhood may be more likely to develop abdominal fat streaks, putting them a greater risk of heart diseases.Age and genetics may contribute to gaining abdominal fat.

Plant foods(soy & nuts) may have slimming effects &   increase abdominal fat loss from exercise. Some plant foods, such as grapefruit is effective on weight loss. Citrus,Berries,Red onions,Beans,Green tea,Grapes & Cocoa could boost metabolism enough to significantly slim waistline. Nuts may help achieve less fat in abdominal part.Also,It may cause less weight gain & lower risk of obesity  by boosting metabolism. Dried fruits has similar effect. Legumes could reduce abdominal fat, which lowers risk of metabolic syndrome, a type of prediabetes. Losing an extra few pounds of abdominal fat  could be best way to prevent diabetes.

Abdominal Fat Fast Facts

  1. Abdominal fat is the most dangerous fat on your body, linked to diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer.
  2. For people over age 50, belly fat is often the easiest fat to lose.
  3. Crunches and sit-ups don’t work.
  4. Diet and exercise together do work.
  5. Danger zone: 35-inch or larger waist for women, 40-inch or larger for men.


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