Antibiotic resistance is a concern in India


Antibiotic resistance is  a significant and complex global health problem. Global consumption of antibiotics has increased by nearly 40% in the last decade. Antibiotic resistance, this is the biggest challenge in our fight against infections in IndiA. Easy access, availability and higher consumption of medicines have led to a disproportionately higher incidence of inappropriate use of antibiotics and greater levels of resistance compared to developed countries.

Generally,we visit chemist to purchase medicine for cold & fever treatment.It could lead to anti-biotic resistance.It is a very precious for us.We should use anti-biotic very carefully with doctors advise.

·         Allergies, as most of these combination medicines with hidden classes of drugs are notorious for causing allergies

·         Late diagnosis – If self- medication is the first line of  attack, often by the time the patient reaches the doctor is often late, late diagnosis leads to late treatment, delayed recovery and more medical bills

Use the Antibiotics wisely


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