Get back into healthy & happy lifestyle

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• Eating breakfast everyday
• Eating more fruit and vegetables
• Having smaller food portions
• Eating more slowly
• Cutting down or avoiding food high in saturated fat and sugar & Quit smoking
• Healthy snacking (like a piece of fruit)
Youths are the going to be backbone for our society.Above mentioned activity are essential for a happy life.

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Exeryoga for healthier society

Healthcare is not only a service but a fundamental right of every citizen of the country.The Constitution of India guarantees the ‘Right to Life’ but the citizens and authorities are responsible for upholding these rights. In the present day and age, India’s poor health outcomes are posing as one of the most pressing developmental challenges. India remains a laggard in health outcomes not only by World Health Organisation (WHO) standards but also by the standards of the developing world.

Deaths plague the Indian healthcare ecosystem. Deaths from preventable communicable and non-communicable diseases, poor infant and maternal mortality rates due to malnutrition, anaemia etc. Even though strides have been made as far as economic growth and development is concerned which has improved the poverty situation in India, progress in improving health outcomes have been dismal.

Parents should encourage their children to leave the bed in early morning for exercises & yoga practice.This activity can build a healthier society in India.School & Colleges can add exercise & yoga practice  among youth.


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